Commercial use of Land 157Ha 5226 m2 with Teak, Melina, Laurel and Pochote Trees

4G72+RM Guanacaste Province, Curime, Costa Rica


It touches a Public Road which allows a commercial use of land. The entire property is in commercial use as it touches a public road for 1 km.

This large lumbering property is located in Nicoya, an area in the back land of Playa Samara. It is constituted of about with  Teak Trees (a Tropical hard wood, durable and water resistant), about 10 ha Melina Trees used for furniture making and pallets (a fast growing hard wood, drought and fire resistant) and  Pochote Trees (a hard wood, very similar to Spanish Cedar and ideal for guitar making),Laurel and you can plant coffee.

It has a far away ocean view and a 365º view over the hills and fields of Guanacaste. As it touches a public road, most of its surface can be exploited and it can have a commercial aim to it: hotel, restaurants, condominium, etc.

Thanks to the wide circular view, you can follow the curve of the sun from dawn to sunset. It is a quiet neighborhood, still very hidden but extremely well located.

Great opportunity, as a the turnkey business, grow other fruits or vegetables or make a Bed and Breakfast, it is one of a kind property! We loved this wood exploitation close to any convenience and a short 5 min to the Nicoya.