Property Management

At CR Home Management we are proud to offer a full service property management experience with an emphasis on customer service and transparency.  We understand that the most important part of our business is our clients, which includes you the property owner and the individuals and families that stay in your home.  We know that the easiest way for ourselves and our homeowners to be successful is by providing a clean, stocked, well maintained home, along with the best customer service possible.

What We Offer:

Personalized Service – Every guest will be personally checked into your home by a member of our team and given a tour explaining all the important information about your home as well as a phone number to call if they have any issues or needs during their stay.

Transparency – Instead of receiving a monthly statement for your property, you will have 24/7 access to your rental calendar as well as 24/7 access to your balance sheet.

Accountability – We review your listings daily to verify they have the optimal pricing to maximize your occupancy rate and rental revenue.  We also visit your property weekly to verify the quality of the cleaning services as well as check for any maintenance issues.

Concierge Service – We offer a full service concierge service to all of your guests including scheduling shuttles to and from the airport, scheduling all of their activities during their stay, as well as other amenities like private chefs or massages in the home.

Simple Pricing Plan – In accordance with our commitment to transparency, we have created a simple pricing plan that is easy to understand.  We offer 2 different plan options that can be purchased individually or combined to create our Comprehensive Plan:

  • Property Management Plan:  We take the photos of your home, create and monitor your property listings, manage your reservations, check in your guests, concierge service for your guests, schedule and supervise cleaning services and property maintenance, and handle all customer service issues and emergencies.

We charge 20% of Net Revenue for our Property Management Plan.        

  • Accounting Plan:  We pay your monthly bills for the property, transmit all financial information to the accountant, pay your monthly Value Added Tax, file your annual taxes, and file your annual corporate declarations.

We charge $200/month for our Accounting Plan

Or you can combine both our Property Management Plan and our Accounting Plan to create our Comprehensive Plan where… 

We take care of everything!

All you do is relax and collect your profits!

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