Purchase Tips

Why do you need a trustful real estate agent? 


A/ To avoid the Classic TRAPS when buying a property in Costa Rica:

  • VERIFY: THE ACCESSIBILITY of water when buying a land
  • VERIFY: that the one selling is the OWNER
  • Do NOT think it will get cheaper to by pass a professional agency. The absence of legal information could cost you an arm and a leg
  • VERIFY that the land chosen for your commercial project TOUCHES a PUBLIC ROAD

There are too many “uninformed” real estate agents just seeking for a sales commission and their practices are sometimes questionable.

B/ You must have local counsel when investing in Costa Rica!

  • Having the right legal information at the right time is THE KEY to any successful purchase.
  • Although being a very safe country to invest in, you need to be informed about the proper regulations to fully protect your investment in Costa Rica. Well informed and professionally advised, the risks fall to NONE!


At IMMO Costa Rica I Real Estate:

  • We tell you if the land is suitable for your project
  • We NEVER make any selling client SIGN an EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT because we believe it goes AGAINST their own INTEREST. Competition is healthy
  • Our precious PARTNERSHIP assures you a perfectly SAFE investment


At “Immo Costa Rica”, we provide you with legal counsel 24/7.