5.43 Acre Permaculture Farm with 2 Bedroom Tropical Home & Infiniti Pool

Permaculture Farm, San Ignacio, San José Province, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica


This 2 hectare (5.43 acre) Permaculture Farm with a modern tropical home and infinity pool is located next to a natural spring-fed river and is an absolute paradise for someone seeking the tranquility of sustainable living and relaxation.  The farm is located in the hills of San Ignacio, just 40km from the beaches of Uvita.  

Permaculture Farm and Master Plan:

Designed by a permaculture expert with a master plan, this well-thought-out and ecologically responsible design is organized in a way that maximizes efficiency, sustainability, and the integration of natural systems.

Modern Tropical Home with Infinity Pool:

The Modern Tropical Home with an infinity pool provides a luxurious and comfortable living space amidst the beauty of nature. The well-designed home offers two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms, providing ample living space for the residents. Additionally, the home has been thoughtfully designed with the future in mind, providing plenty of room for expansion. There is ample space to add storage or extra rooms, allowing the residents to customize the home to their changing needs and preferences over time. The infinity pool adds a touch of elegance and serves as a refreshing oasis for the residents to enjoy the tropical surroundings.

River Frontage and Swimming Holes:

The property, boasting 220 meters of border along the Rio Calientillo, features not only the serene riverfront but also three easily accessible swimming holes that offer an idyllic setting for relaxation.  Additionally, a year-round stream gracefully runs down the middle of the property.  The riverside sitting areas provide the perfect spots to unwind and bask in the natural beauty surrounding the property.

Farm and Greenhouse:

The farm is a treasure trove of diverse fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables, meticulously selected and cultivated for year-round harvests. Among them are sour mandarinas (approximately 5 mature trees that yield year-round), sweet lemon (3 mature trees), ginger, turmeric (2 varieties), elderberry, blackberry, black raspberries, katuk, pineapples, native tomatoes and peppers (both sweet and hot varieties), nampi, yucca, sugarcane (3 varieties), tree beans, spinach (2 varieties), perennial spring onions, cranberry hibiscus, Jamaican hibiscus, butterfly bush, eucalyptus, oregano, mint, Thai ginger, cardamom, lemongrass, strawberries, native basil, black pepper, papas, papa chiricana, breadnut, breadfruit, moringa, mulberry, garlic grass, garlic flower plant, cinnamon bush, and flowering ginger. The greenhouse, spanning over 100m², is equipped with a comprehensive overhead irrigation system that covers approximately 70m², ensuring optimal growing conditions.

Infrastructure and Amenities:

A dedicated composting area, supported by earthworms, reflects the farm’s commitment to recycling organic waste and nurturing healthy soil. Wooden sun boxes, designed for drying herbs, fruits, and vegetables, provide practical solutions for food preservation. The presence of a finely crafted brick pizza oven and kiln adds dimensions for culinary exploration and artistic expression.

Viewing Areas:

Nestled around the property, you’ll find various appealing spaces designed for diverse activities. A charming nursery area ensures a continuous supply of fresh plants, contributing to the farm’s ever-evolving landscape. The fireplace and the brick oven are accompanied by a cozy seating arrangement of warm stones and offer an inviting focal point for gatherings.  Just below the nursery, a flat expanse provides a canvas for versatile leisure activities such as a playground, a serene gazebo, or even a tranquil yoga deck, all harmonizing with the natural surroundings. There is a flat sitting area at the top of the property with panoramic views of the breathtaking vistas of the entire farm, the mountains, and the surrounding landscape.

Chicken Coops and Cabana:

The chicken coops with automatic doors showcase a thoughtful approach to animal husbandry.  The wooden cabana with its firm construction and essential utilities offers a versatile space for various uses.

Overall, this permaculture farm with its Modern Tropical Home, stunning natural features, diverse plantings, and well-thought-out amenities represents a perfect blend of sustainable living, luxury, and connection to nature.  It’s a dream property for anyone seeking to live harmoniously with the environment while enjoying a comfortable Pura Vida lifestyle.

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