90 Hectares of Pristine Natural Forest, Rivers, Waterfalls, Natural Springs, & Ocean Views!

37MX+R5 Guanacaste Province, Emerald Woods, Costa Rica


IMMO Costa Rica Real Estate is excited to present ¨Finca Los Saltos¨, a  90 hectare farm located just 7km from the beautiful beaches of San Juanillo.  What sets this farm apart from the hundreds of others in the area is that it has 2 rivers that converge to create a stunning cathedral of water features including a 6 meter deep swimming hole at the bottom of a waterfall and another 50 meter water cascade in close proximity to one another.  The water source for the rivers and waterfalls comes directly from the neighboring Diria National Forest, making it the freshest and most uncontaminated water on the peninsula!

There are plenty of buildable areas on the farm that offer stunning ocean views, including one flat summit that is approximately 380 meters above sea level and offers 360 degree views of the ocean and surrounding forest.  The land is completely covered in pristine natural forest as there has only been about 20 trees removed in the last 20 years.  For this reason, the farm is home to multiple species of wildlife that frequent the zone.

Access to the farm has always been good year round, but it has been problematic in the past when trying to access San Juanillo and its beaches during the rainy season.  This changed recently when the municipality built a brand new road going from the farm to San Juanillo, making it possible to reliably access the beaches all year round.  This has increased the value of the land considerably.

What is possible with this beautiful farm is limited only by ones imagination.  The farm is perfect for a yoga retreat, a glamping facility, an eco community, or a beautiful secluded estate for someone who wants solitude and privacy.  The land is classified as unrestricted use, has electricity located only 200 meters from the edge of the farm, has 4 natural water springs spread throughout the property, and will have a permitted deep water well on the property as well.

The 90 hectare farm is made up of 2 separate parcels, one measuring 64.5 hectares and one measuring 25.5 hectares.  Both of the  parcels border the rivers and water features on the property and can be purchased separately if someone does not want to purchase the entire 90 hectares.

We really  love this property for its pristine natural forest, beautiful ocean views, wildlife, natural springs, and its stunning cathedral of water features that make it truly one of a kind in the area.


** Don’t forget to watch the video at the end of this listing to experience the true beauty of this property! **