About Us

Charlotte, Belgian, moved to Costa Rica with her husband and 2 kids in 2013.

She had always been self-employed and a business opportunity seeker.

She had bought, created, ran and successfully sold a small charming Hotel in Tamarindo.

Charlotte could only experience the lack of professionalism by some realtor’s whose priorities had shifted from advising and protecting their clients to solo profit.

Gabriel, Costa Rican, is an ambitious lawyer and public notary in a well-known firm in San Jose: CLARE FACIO Legal.

He had opened an office in Tamarindo 2 years earlier, sensing the incredible development of the Province of Guanacaste and the ever-growing foreign interest for the country and that region in particular.

Deeply in love with his country, he is always full of projects on how to advise and protect foreign investors in Costa Rica; how to guide them in their best interests

Gabriel witnesses daily the flux of foreign investors and the scarcity of their local awareness.  

That is how they met, rich of their different backgrounds and perspectives but settling towards the same idea, the equal apprehensions about the market, the lack of information, seriousness, and transparency of that field.

The real estate market was ready for a change, a new way of working and that is what they wanted to be part of: Offering a new way of dealing with the intermediation of selling and buying properties.

That is how IMMO Costa Rica I REAL ESTATE was born;

with the common true concern to offer high-quality services within a 24/7 legal counsel environment given by the skillful firm of CLARE FACIO Legal, to both sellers and buyers.

Soon after the company was born, they quickly realized their clients needed more:

so they developed their Property Management Company that would allow an investor not only to buy with confidence but to make sure their property was well looked after.