Residential lot to build close to Tamarindo Beach with forest and a river

76M7+624 Guanacaste Province, Santa Cruz, Costa Rica


This spacious lot of 5308m² is located close to the town of Villareal and 10 min to Tamarindo Beach, offering convenient accessibility while preserving a peaceful atmosphere. The grounds are richly endowed with majestic teak trees that dot the property, adding a touch of natural elegance.

A winding river runs through the grounds, creating a harmonious separation into two parts. This river not only adds picturesque beauty to the landscape, but also provides a permanent source of water for agricultural activities.

Part of the land, ideally located with an easy access, offers a great location for building a residence. You can enjoy close proximity to amenities while benefiting from a serene rural environment.

To connect the rear part of the lot, you could consider building a little bridge over the river. This part of the land is particularly well suited to agriculture, offering fertile soil and easy access to river water for irrigation. You can grow a variety of local crops and develop a flourishing garden in this area.

This land harmoniously combines natural beauty, functionality and access to the city, offering a rare opportunity to create a thriving home or farm in a picturesque, well-connected setting.

If you’re looking to cultivate while being near the city, this lot is perfect for you! Contacts us now for more information.